NC Auto down feed system(AD5 type)

Product Description
  • Set total remove value, rough feed, fine feed, spark out from control panel, improve the grinding efficiency.
  • Saddle series(exclude H type), Column series & Rotary table Saddle series are Option.
  • Auto down feed system is standard function for CNC, ADP and Rotary table Column series, but control by other system.
Product Specification
NC Auto Down Feed system(AD5 type)
Saddle Series 1545~4080 Option
Column Series 50100~70200 Option
Cantilever Series 80150~100400 Standard
Double Column Series 120200~160600 Standard
CNC Series   CNC control system
ADP Series   PLC control system
Rotary Table Saddle Series 200R~400R Option
Rotary Table Column Series 500R~600R PLC control system