Extra Fine Manufacturing Techniques

The machine assembly is implemented in our factory, which is well-planned to enhance excellent working efficiency. Our highly skilled assembly technicians are well-trained to assemble each machine to meet our rigorous quality standards. Furthermore, we constantly improve the manufacturing process to upgrade efficiency and productivity, while reducing personal carelessness to a minimum.

Total Dedication to Research & Development

PERFECT have the know-how and experience to design the grinders that provide the outstanding performance that you’ve come to expect concept behind our R&D team is to design the machines that will help our customers to stay competitive in parts grinding.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

PERFECT machine structure is analyzed by using the advanced the advanced Finite Element Analysis software. This allows our machines to achieve greater rigidity, stability, dampening capacity and dynamic performance.

Final Inspection

In addition to on-process inspection at various stages of the entire assembly process, we also enhance final inspection before shipment. Each machine is subject to comprehensive inspection and long time running tests, such as static accuracy, dynamic accuracy, workpiece grinding quality and operational performance, etc. If a machine does not meet the highest quality standards, it never leaves our factory.