Parallel dresser

Product Description

Over spindle head dresser.

To dress the grinding wheel to right shape (circle) after grinding a period of time.

There are Mnual type, Hydraulic type, Electric type for choosing.

The Hydraulic or Electric type of Parallel dresser is only for cross feed, vertical feed is still manual.

If you need auto dressing and compensating, please choose Option NC auto parallel dressing & compensating system.

Product Specification
Parallel dresser
Saddle Series 1545~4080 Option
Column Series 50100~70200 Option
Cantilever Series 80150~100400 Parallel dresser (Manual) is Standard
Double Column Series 120200~160600 Parallel dresser (Electro) is Standard
CNC Series   Table dressing & compensating is Standard
ADP Series 2550~70200ADP Table dressing & compensating is Standard
ADP Series 80150~160600ADP Over head dressing & compensating is Standard
Rotary Table Saddle Series 200R~400R Parallel dresser (Manual) is Standard
Rotary Table Column Series 500R~600R Table dressing & compensating is Standard