Auto paper strip filter and magnetic separator with coolant system

Product Description
  • 3 in 1 coolant system, could make the recycle water more clean than Magentic separator with coolant system and Auto paper stril filter with coolant system.
  • If customer needs high quality of surface on workpiece after grinding, they could choose this one.
  • One coolant system for one machine, the Auto paper stril filter and Magnetic sparator with coolant system has coolant tank, you don't have to buy another coolant system again.
  • When purchase this options, you could also consider Dust suction system if necessary.
Product Specification
Auto paper strip filter and Magnetic separator with Coolant system
Saddle Series 1545~4080 Option
Column Series 50100~70200 Option
Cantilever Series 80150~100400 Option
Double Column Series 120200~160600 Option
CNC Series   Option
ADP Series   Option
Rotary Table Series   Option