Electro/Permanent magnetic chuck

Product Description

To fix the iron material on the table.

If the material (workpiece) is small than 20mmL, please consider to buy fine pole pitch (1+3mm) type.

Electro magnetic chuck suitable for all series.

Permanent magnetic chuck suitable for 1545~2045 type only. The quality of bigger one doesn't stable, we don't suggest to use it for other models.

Product Specification
Magnetic chuckElectroPermanent
Saddle Series 1545/2045 Option Option
Saddle Series 2550/3060/4080 Option Without
Column Series 50100~70200 Option Without
Cantilever Series 80150~100400 Option Without
Double Column Series 120200~160600 Option Without
CNC Series   Option Without
ADP Series   Option Without
Rotary Table Series   Standard for 400R/500R/600R Standard for 200R/250R/300R