Product Description

Surface grinders, Saddle type Optimized Structure.

Suitable for grinding Spacer, Ring, screw nut ...etc., need Concentric circles surface or need better accuracy and quality for circle work piece.

Product Feature

Optimized Structure

The major parts are manufactured from high quality cast iron combined with an outstanding structural design. Major parts are stress relieved to ensure maximum rigidity, stability and machining accuracy.

Turcite-B on Slideways

The X, Z axes slideways are coated with Turcite-B for stable movement and long term accuracy.

Precision Spindle Design

The CP4 high-precision spindle with pre-stressed adjustment increases the rigidity and precision of machine during grinding.

Auto crossing stroke adjustment

Auto crossing stroke adjustment of cross feed make operating more convenience.

Semi enclosed splash shield

Semi enclosed splash shield make operating more cleaning and safety.

Auto Down Feed Control (Option)

Available to equip with an auto down feed control system (AD5) for greatly increasing operational convenience.

Product Specification
Grinding surface of table mm 250 (10")
Max. distance center of spindle to table mm 400 (16")[Option:500 (20")]
Total Max. safety table load kgs 84
Wheel dimension mm 180x13x31.75
Spindle motor HP 2
Machine net weight Kgs 1300
Packing gross weight Kgs 1500
Floor space (AxBxC) mm 1500x1650x1800