Product Description

 3 AXES AUTO. (Cross feedLongitudinalVertical by AC Servo Motor)

Product Feature

Excellent Operation

1.   Self-induced graphically-controlled interface with intuitionally finger-touched buttons makes the control of the machine easier and allows an operator to input parameters through screen-touched buttons easily.

2.   Use an imbedded PLC language for a TFT human-machine interface controller. All programs and figures are developed by the PERFECT to ensure the quality.

3.   The Multi-functional grinding and polishing dressing parameters can reduce operators’ technical threshold.

Optimized Structure

1.   The main structure is analyzed by the finite element technique with different combination of external forces to ensure the stiffness of the machine.

2.   The base of the grinder is expanded for the purpose of increasing the supporting capability and stability of the machine.

3.   The fully-supported rail design reinforces the precision and stability of the machine.

4.   The CP4 high-precision spindle with pre-stressed adjustment increases the rigidity and precision of machine during grinding.

Customer Experience Design

1.   A friendly-operated interface is designed to reduce human power and increase productivity. Such a design fulfills the trend of wise-machine development but not increases too much cost

2.   A special joy stick is designed to control the axial movement to facilitate the operation.

3.   A fool-proving parameter controlled safe guard is designed for avoiding tools getting damaged or operators getting hurt.

Modular Design

1.   We offer customers a structural-transmitting module interface for different combination of working conditions.

2.   The control panel is designed with modules which can match with Perfect’s different types of surface grinders to make debugging and maintenance easy.

Customized function selection

1.   Axial-controlled functions can be selected according to different grinding condition, and the program and graphs can be developed by the requests from customers.

2.   Safe guard can be selected by customers with standard half-covered, half-open-full-covered and completely-covered module.

3.   An optional grinder self-balanced device is offered to provide superior grinding accuracy and finishing.

4.   An optional over head auto dressing and compensation system is offered for increasing more processing efficiency.

5.   Many optional devices, such as self-balanced equipment, cooling system, etc. can be selected and easily installed by the customers.

Product Specification
Grinding surface of table mm 250x500
Max. distance center of spindle to table mm 550
Total Max. safety table load kgs 250
Table guideway   V & FLAT WAY
Wheel dimension mm 180x13x31.75
Spindle motor HP 3
Machine net weight Kgs 2500
Machine dimensions (AxBxC) mm 2800x2450x2250
Structure   Vertical: Linear guide way with ball screw

Cross: Linear guide way with ball screw

X axis: Linear guide way with ball screw