Product Description

Surface grinders, Column type Optimized Structure.

Suitable for grinding Spacer, Ring, screw nut ...etc., need Concentric circles surface or need better accuracy and quality for circle work piece.

Product Feature

Optimized Structure  

The main structure is analyzed by the finite element technique with different combination of external forces to ensure the stiffness of the machine. The cross feed of spindle head is designed with dual-driven system and driven at the center of the gravity to minimize vibration and increasing high grinding ability.

Oversize roller type guideways

Cross & Vertical equipped with the oversize roller type guideways reinforce the precision and rigidity of the machine.

Precision Spindle Design

The CP4 high-precision spindle with pre-stressed adjustment increases the rigidity and precision of machine during grinding.

Excellent Operation

Self-induced graphically-controlled interface with intuitionally finger-touched buttons makes the control of the machine easier and allows an operator to input parameters through screen-touched buttons easily. All programs and figures are developed by the PERFECT to ensure the quality.

Auto dressing & compensating

The standard function of auto dressing and compensation can reduce human power and increasing more processing efficiency.

Multi-functional grinding and dressing

The multi-functional grinding and dressing parameters can reduce operators’ technical threshold.

Customized function selection

Axial-controlled functions can be selected according to different grinding condition, and the program and graphs can be developed by the requests from customers. An optional over head auto dressing and compensation system is offered for increasing more processing efficiency. An optional grinder self-balanced device is offered to provide superior grinding accuracy and finishing.

Product Specification
Grinding surface of table mm 600 (24")
Max. distance center of spindle to table mm 500 (20")
Total Max. safety table load kgs 400
Wheel dimension mm 405x50x127
Spindle motor HP 10[Option:15]
Machine net weight Kgs 5600
Packing gross weight Kgs 6320
Floor space (AxBxC) mm 1850x2950x2100