Automatic crossing stroke adjustment by control panel switch

Product Description
  • To setting the cross distance (approximate) from control panel.
  • Automatic crossing stroke adjustment is for cross feed, so that this function is without any connection with Auto Down feed (AD5).
  • Automatic cross stroke adjustment is for setting approx. cross distance, not positive cross distance.
  • (This functions is recommend to Column series machine 50100~70200)
  • Saddle Series & Column Series are Option, Standard functions for other series.
Product Specification
Auto crossing stroke adjustment
Saddle Series 1545~4080 Option
Column Series 50100~70200 Option
Cantilever Series 80150~100400 Standard
Double Column Series 120200~160600 Standard
CNC Series   Standard
ADP Series   Standard
Rotary Table Saddle Series 200R~400R Option
Rotary Table Column Series 500R~600R Standard