Product Description

ADP series is LCD touch screen panel (HMI Interface) and PLC controller.

Cross & Vertical feed for Column type is travel by ball screw and driven by AC servo Motor & MPG hand wheel.

Auto dressing and compensation (Diamond dresser on the table) & Semi Enclosed Splash Shield (Right side open) are standard.


Product Feature

Optimized Structure

The major parts are manufactured from high quality cast iron combined with an outstanding structural design. Major parts are stress relieved to ensure maximum rigidity, stability and machining accuracy.

Precision Spindle Design

The spindle runs in a class P4 high precision angular contact bearing, assuring run-out accuracy in 2 μm. The cartridge-type spindle is completely sealed and lubricated for long working lifetime, providing high accuracy grinding and a long service life.

Turcite-B on Slideways

The X and Z axes slideways are coated with Turcite-B for stable movement and long term accuracy.

AC Servo Motor & M.P.G. Hand Wheel for Y & Z axes

Providing high accuracy and convenient operating.

Crossing Stroke Adjustment for X & Z axes

Travel setting by joystick, more convenient.

Stepless Variable Proportional Valve Hydraulic System for X axis

Allowing for feed speed adjustment according to the workpiece type for increased convenience of operation.

LCD touch screen panel (PLC controller) and Graphical HMI Interface

Operating more easier, friendly and efficiency. 

Grinding Mode

Surface, Crisscross, Plunge , and Pitch (same pitch and same depth) grinding are standard. 

Spindle motor inverter

Variable spindle speed adjustment for different material. 

Position Display for Y & Z axes

Display the position of Y & Z axes, more convenience when operating. 

Semi Enclosed Splash Shield (Right side open)

More safty and more cleaning. There is also options for Enclosed Splash shield.

NC auto parallel dressing & compensating system (Option)

Auto dressing and compensation (Diamond dresser on the table) is standard function for increasing more processing efficiency. The optional NC auto parallel dressing & compensating system mounted on spindle head, without parking time when dressing, more efficiency. 

Auto Balancing System (Option)

Providing superior grinding accuracy and finishing.

Product Specification
Grinding surface of table mm 500X2000 (20"x80")
Max. distance center of spindle to table mm 600 (24")
Total Max. safety table load kgs 1500
Table guideway   V & FLAT WAY
Wheel dimension mm 405x50x127
Spindle motor HP 10
Machine net weight Kgs 9070
Packing gross weight Kgs 9400
Floor space (AxBxC) mm 7200x3700x2040